Brynmaer is a busy travel town in the western part of Brynmaer Plains. It serves as a major trade hub in the New World and attracts visitors and travelers from all over the world, including the treasure hunter Akahana.

In The GameEdit

Brynmaer is the second town Hero visits in the game. After defeating the Vampire in the Wind Caverns, Simea destroys the barrier that blocked the path into Brynmaer Plains using the Ball of Wind. He goes to Brynmaer and encounters Akahana, who tells him of his dropped treasure near the river. Once Hero returns this item to him, Akahana will give him the Gas Mask, which will enable him to enter Poison Swamp without being harmed. Several other storylines are instigated or hinted at during Hero's stay in the town, including the Draygonian Forces on Mt. Sabre, the climber found outside Nadre's Inn, the existence of the all female town of Amazones, and the dwarf town of Oak on the far side of the Poison Swamp.


Armor Shop

Item Shop


  • Full Recovery - $20

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