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is a small town at the southern end of the Valley of Wind. The town is under the protection of Zebu, one of the Four Wisemen of the New World. Leaf is significant in the New World because of it's custodianship of The Sword of Wind. It is also the closest village to Hero's Chamber, the game's starting point, which lies directly to the east.

In The GameEdit

At the start of the game, Hero emerges from his chamber, causing a blast in the mountainside. A nearby villager is alarmed and flees to town leaving the Hero to follow looking for answers. Upon his arrival in Leaf, he visits the first pupil of Zebu, who gives him $100 as instructed by his master. The hero then visits the Town Elder, who tells him of his fate and bestows upon him the Sword of Wind and sends him to Zebu for further guidance.

Later in the game, the town's population is kidnapped by Draygonian Forces under the command of General Kelbesque and forced into slavery atop Mt. Sabre. Hero, after speaking with the mayor's pet, and under the guidance of Zebu and Tornel, defeats Kelbesque and rescues the townspeople. Upon their return home, the citizens of Leaf become eternally grateful to Hero, declaring him their savior.


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  • Full Recovery - $16

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